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diet for 13 days

The duration of the diet for 13 days. By the end of 13 days you lose weight by 7-8 kg. On day 14 can eat what you want, but in moderation. This diet will change your metabolism. You have three years will not recover. During the diet must do exercises and massage.

black coffee without sugar.

2 eggs, 1 tomato and green salad.

great steak, fried under pressure in a small amount of vegetable oil.

black coffee without sugar toast.

great steak, grilled in a press with a green salad and tomato.

portion of a soup.

black coffee without sugar toast.

great steak, grilled in a press with a green salad.

2 eggs with 2 slices lean ham.

black coffee without sugar toast.

1 egg, 1 carrot, cheese.

fruit salad, a cup of yogurt.

grated carrots with lemon.

servings of fish, fried under pressure and tomato.

great steak, grilled in a press with a green salad.

black coffee without sugar toast.

portion of chicken, fried without fat, green salad.

great steak, green salad.

tea without sugar.

pork or other meat on a skewer, green salad.

what you want, only moderately!

only water (plain or mineral). Carrots can be replaced with a tomato and vice versa.

LOSE weight today

If you decide to lose weight (and most of the fair sex the main part of life in a state of permanent weight loss), then you will inevitably run into limitations in the diet. And if your whole life, pamper yourself delicious, it is very difficult to immediately abandon the pies and cakes and go to the cabbage salad and oatmeal in the water. But at the same time useful and tasty food is! It must have a good look - what I did, so I can tell you about their findings.

Cottage cheese with persimmon

Observing low-calorie food, it is easy to run out of protein. In plant foods (except soy) protein is small, too much flesh is not eaten, remains cheese - very high in protein and extremely unattractive to me the product. Could not tolerate him until he made himself a dessert, which is now just love it! Few calories and lots of fun: Take any cheese, 100 grams (I prefer low fat, but what about its use a lot of controversy, so choose the fat content, guided by their ideas), add one finely chopped persimmon, half-teaspoon ground cinnamon, stir and enjoy ! Tastier obtained granular curd cheese, but not with those who like pasta. But it all depends on your taste.

Fish with a slight garnish

Previously I believed that the fish must-have with rice or mashed potatoes. And then in a book read that the best side dish in this case - spicy greens! I tried with arugula - a little sbryznula its balsamic vinegar and filed along with lake trout, grilled. Awesome happened! I did not expect that the taste is so wonderful.

The next day I cooked a trout in a double boiler, arugula on hand was not, and I just boiled steamed cauliflower. And a side dish I liked him even more - got a very delicate combination. I tried broccoli - and also very tasty. Lake trout - enough oily fish, and although this fat is very useful, yet it is not necessary to increase calorie lunch or dinner up to heaven, eating fish with potatoes or rice. Try new combinations, change recipes and traditions - and you will get new useful and tasty dishes.

Diet diet diet

Just like any other mono-diet, buckwheat fast enough forces to lose weight and also cleanses the body. Diet on buckwheat designed for one or two weeks and can lose about 8-10 kg per week. It is very nourishing, so is diet without feeling hungry.

True, not very tasty, and those who do not like buckwheat, have a tough time. Thanks contained therein carbohydrates, weight loss usually does not happen immediately, but only a few days later. The higher initial weight - the weight loss weightier.

Pros and cons of diet

Cleaning properties of buckwheat can get rid of dermatological problems, to fix the skin, hair and nails, and the presence of iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, PP, and rutin - to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase the body's resistance to stress.

There are different versions of buckwheat diet, more or less long, hard and easily portable. How is the diet?

Buckwheat diet is carried out without adding to the dish of sugar and salt. This allows you to excrete the toxins and excess water and not gain weight use of light carbohydrates.
Due to the failure of the body salt and its deficit has arisen, there may be periodic headaches and a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, people with unstable pressure diet is not shown. In extreme cases, need medical consultation.

Sugar is necessary for a successful brain operation, so pretty soon you can feel that the uptake we are worse, and that it was like sweet. Help yourself. Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink the mixture.

Prevent disruption of the diet will help and that it contains dried fruits, but not exceeding 100 grams per day. It can be dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates, etc.

As always, you should drink plenty of water. It will help bring the body of all toxins and speed up the metabolism.

Binding and a multivitamin. On this diet after a few days you can lose weight by two kilograms. If possible stay on the diet with dried buckwheat to two weeks.

N1 diet

Everything we know about the health properties of milk. That it contains a whole range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so essential for our body. As, however, and tea. Which has a positive effect on the body, strenhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifgthens our bones and stimulates metabolism. As a consequence, the process of losing weight faster. Thanks to the tea people with the disease of the stomach, digest milk easier. At that time, such as tea, softens the impact of caffeine on the body. Molokochay used as a tonic for exhaustion of the nervous system.

Method of preparation molokochaya simple. We need to take, approximately 1.5 liters of milk fat which is 1,5% or 2,5%. Then, add one tablespoon of tea. After that, the entire structure needed to boil and strain. Drink it should be during the day.

Molokochaynaya diet is simple: in addition to molokochaya you need to drink two liters of normal or non-carbonated mineral water. This is because molokochay obadaet strong diuretic effect. Water will fill up in your body. This cocktail should be consumed up to 18 hours. During the day you're quite real, can lose up to 1 kg overweight.

Such arrange fasting days only once a week. Otherwise, about any beneficial effect on molokochaynoy diet can not be considered.

How to lose weight

Today on television, radio and in magazines placed a lot of attractive offers that can help you quickly and effectively lose weight. But you should never be fought on all these beautiful words from the text of ads here. Because rapidly lose weight and not to cause harm to your health is simply impossible. And sometimes the results of such a diet ad here are just sad.

Many cases where clients are encouraged to doroguschy pill for weight loss, which are a huge danger to the human body. Some spend big money by participating in various programs for weight loss. But you can lose weight for free, independent and totally safe for your health.

How to lose weight for free

Remember the cardinal rule: the faster you lose weight, the faster your pounds come back to you, and maybe even in much larger quantities. In such a case should not be hasty, and in no case be hungry. First and foremost, it is important to understand yourself and your lifestyle, find the cause of your excess weight. Often it is in direct proportion to the psychological state of man. Many people simply seize their stress. Make sure whether you have the habit, just upset right to go and jam with chocolate stress, to uplift your mood. According to the poll, seventy people have such a feature. Of course, this must be fought first.

Every day, aggressively develop the habit, there are a few times a day, meager portions, and preferably only a useful, low-calorie foods. A sweet cakes and chocolates can afford once a month, and then quite a bit.

Begin to move more. Try coming back from work, take a few stops on foot, if you drive a car, deliberately choose a parking lot away from home. This forces you to walk quite a distance twice a day. In a pinch, you can find yourself a dog, it is exactly what you'll walk several times a day and walk.

Spend a weekend away from home on the couch and engaging in recreational activities. Go hiking, walk in the woods, ride a bike, skate or ski. Enroll in what - a sports section. Only a radically changing your lifestyle, you must, and most importantly a completely transparent to ourselves, lose weight and save the result for all. Sport, as we know, draws, so you'll soon get used to an active lifestyle and will always be in the form.

Many busy business lady wants, without changing your lifestyle to lose weight. They spend a lot of money. Calculating how much it cost all of these cosmetic products for slimming, underwear, belts with the effect of various saunas and the like. Many people attend expensive courses of massage that promise to accelerate the process of weight loss, various weight loss programs in beauty salons for various devices, but the result is rarely positive. Such procedures are effective only in combination with regular and moderate diet, and physical exertion.

Pay attention to the foods that you eat. Get plenty of lean on fruits, vegetables and meat. Eliminate from your diet sugar, baking bread and all the fat. Try to drink every day for at least two liters of fluid. Very often people confuse thirst with hunger and instead of just a drink of water, begin to eat. That would not have happened, every time you want to eat, drink a glass of water first and wait a half hour. If you'll still want to eat, then have lunch.

Study in detail the different calorie foods and make for yourself a list of low-calorie. Try to begin to eat separately, but in no case did not starve and do not accept the dubious pills for weight loss, but harm, they will not bring you anything.

Losing weight through cleansing

It is assumed that the body is clogged, intoxicated, struck by parasites and therefore are overweight. Cleanse it, pastures and parasites weight loss will happen by itself. The fact that it is not, any doctor will tell you.

Intoxication, parasitic infestations can never lead to an increase in weight, only to its reduction. But this is a rational point of view.

Faith - is irrational. Again, since there is a demand for cleaning services will offer - enemas, hydro, diuretics and laxatives, starvation diets, special modes of drinking olive oil and lemon juice, etc.

Could it lead to weight loss? Probably yes, but not all and not forever. But often at great risk to health.

A list of such psychological diets could go on. In varying degrees, psychology is present in all pohudatelnyh effects.

A bit too much depends on whether we believe in the effectiveness of our method or not. It is interesting that this situation is typical for diets aimed at weight reduction. For example, if we choose to treat dysbiosis, gastritis or dyslipidaemia - no magic diets we do not offer. And be very specific diet with specific scientific justification.

Of course, faith is a good thing, but it was too shaky. Small enough doubt to sway her. Precise knowledge in this regard is much better.

If we understand the cause of extra pounds, the place of diet in a number of other pohudatelnyh influences, correctly state the goal, we expect all efforts for the long term, review and flexibly change the tactics, the success of the enterprise is inevitable.

And in this regard will depend on how soon we can get rid of faith in all sorts of miracles and fables.

Unfortunately, the current state of our society soon get rid of illusions is not promising. Advertisement trumpeting about all sorts of wonderful individual, just for you selected diets, bookshelves bend under the weight of books about food, depending on blood group

Diet copyrights

More confidence cause a diet developed by the famous person. Sometimes, not necessarily a physician. So widely known diet singer LD ... To become an author diets do not necessarily even be a living person.
An example of this - Kim Protasov. Supposedly a doctor, but really - a character invented by journalists. The absence of the flesh does not prevent Dr. Kim developed a very popular diet, the so-called "protasovku. By the way, when one day I was asked to comment on the diet Protasov, and I referred to the fact that the author does not exist in nature, in response to me was: "So what?" Diet is working! ".

So these diets work because of the great belief that these diets work. To this group we can also include diet and the Atkins diet and the Kremlin and diet Montegnac. Belief in effect compels us to limit the power in accordance with the words of a diet. Hence, reduction of calorie and pohudatelny effect. In the absence of faith will be pain and disruption or reduction of daily energy expenditure and the lack of effect.

The fourth group. Diet "magic time".

What is really such a human body in six hours and 15 minutes in the evening is different from the same organism at seventeen forty-five? From a physiological point of view - nothing. And from a psychological - even very different, especially for those of us who still believe that after six should not eat.

Faith gives birth willingness to tolerate and sometimes it leads to a result, some weight loss. True, more often abstaining from food at night is causing so much suffering, that faith is not enough and must be frustrating. I'm not talking about what a man is better not to do the big gaps between meals, especially at night when gastric motility and secretion are maximal. So close to the ulcer.